Tips for decorating a delivery truck to gain more attention

hot shot delivery

hot shot delivery

One of the essential things in running a successful business regardless of the niche is a good marketing and branding strategy. Without it, you can either struggle with a fast-paced market or call it off before even beginning.

Small businesses that rely on delivery services are the perfect example how branding can help in producing more revenue and growing a brand that will stick with your customers for a long time. Here are some marketing ideas from most successful delivery services you can refer to when choosing a design for your vehicles.

Paint jobs

The fastest way to get your vehicle styled is with a paint job. There are countless options for designing a delivery truck with painting – from mixing all the colors you can think of to choose a unique style that will correspond to your business. If you’re serious about making a visual impact on your prospects and customers alike, you better sit down with a designer that will help you communicate your brand in the best possible way. The designer will advise which colors will provide the effect you’re seeking, without seeming too flashy or eye-soaring.

Vehicle wraps

A more effective way for branding bigger vehicles is getting a vehicle wrap. You can go beyond choosing your company’s logo as the main branding tool. Think of your truck as a white-board, waiting to be used in a creative and marketing smart way. Choosing an enticing slogan or a short ad copy will surely make your delivery truck pop out from others. It’s a great idea for hot shot delivery, i.e. a service that allows your customers to get their package the same day they ordered it. Just think about the opportunity lying there – making delivers frequently in one neighborhood your delivery truck should come with cool wraps that will make a strong impression.hot shot delivery

Vehicle sculptures

For those with a bigger budget, buying a vehicle sculpture is something worth investing. Instead of choosing a simple design with paint and copy, you can choose a car sculpture that will symbolize your business. Choosing something that’s appealing from the first sight or something that evokes feelings of happiness, pleasure, or joy is always the safe way to go. On the other hand, you can go with something recognizable, such as a dog or a cat, and give it a new feature that will stick in the minds of the customers.

Complete makeover

Playing with different symbols and meanings can be a risky path, but if you know your customers well (and have a great marketer/copywriter, too) you can come up with a truly unique branding strategy. The most creativity will certainly give the results – the only question is, how to make your brand unique? Think about something that reflects your brand to its core. Make it fun, exciting, and appealing. Experiment with ideas until you find the one that will resonate the right message.