Hiring a decorator/designer for a newly built home

joe nahas

When it comes to newly built homes, it’s essential to hire a professional crew that will handle the decoration and design. Not only you can rely on a professional help that will approach the project responsibly, but you can also have the time to supervise and suggest changes to the project.

Wondering what things you should know before hiring a decorator? Here’re some tips that will help you out.

Preparation first

Don’t rush with the selection. You need to get clear on what you want to achieve and write down some of your ideas about the design. There are a lot of designers with different expertise levels, so make sure you have a clear goal in front of you before you contact one.

joe nahasWhom to hire

A designer or a decorator can only help you in facilitating your ideas about the effect you wish to accomplish. However, the two have somewhat different approaches to the design.

A decorator is someone concerned with the aesthetics. He will make your house look unique, so their work seems much simpler than the work of the designer.

A designer is someone who is in charge of structural changes of your living space, as well. Thus, if you want to change the architecture of the interior, a designer will help you in executing that.

Benefits of hiring a designer/decorator

An experienced managing director like Joe Nahas, for example, definitely needs the help of a designer or a decorator. Not only a designer can save you some time, but he can also take over a part of the project that’s challenging in its own way.

On the other hand, having a reliable designer/decorator can also be economical. Since the designer is more familiar with their market, they are able to provide a strong assessment on pricing for the materials. That way, a managing director will get the clear and accurate estimate, without wasting his own time to do a research.

joe nahas

Another important benefit from hiring a professional is that they simplify your projects. Since they are trained and have the access to the necessary tools, they can make your project more appealing and desirable. If you know how to communicate your ideas – and have a designer/decorator that can understand your vision – you can be assured that it will become a reality.

A long-term goal

Although it’s essential to properly decorate a newly built home in a way that’s trendy, modern, and sophisticated, one of the things that should be on your mind is a long-term goal. Every experienced realtor will think about one specific question: if you’re about to sell this newly built home today, would you get a competitive price?

Consult your designer/decorator about the things that not only will create a unique appearance to the current homeowners, but it’ll make a design that’ll be competitive in the future as well. It may seem a lot to ask, but nothing is more important than having the right design for a newly built home – and every pro knows that.