Creative Halloween decoration ideas to try in your home

Preparing for the Halloween is always full of fun and you get to enjoy the amazing moments when you’re preparing for the Halloween. Most of the time people love to go out to spend some time with their friends and family and enjoy the fun and excitement of this amazing festival but there are some people who prefer staying at home on this event.

Some of them prefer watching a scary movie and some like to play some video games but there are some creative people who love to decorate their home to invite their friends for this special event. If you have also invited your friends to your home this Halloween and want to bring a creative look to your home that is suitable for the event, there are plenty of ideas that you can apply.

Today, we’re going to share some creative and interesting ideas that you can use into your home to make it look scary. You can design some costumes for your kids or you can also put the decorated pumpkins to make an amazing look. There are lots of other creative ideas that will help you inspire others.

In this article, we’re going to share some Halloween Decorations by Freaked.Com that you can apply in your home this Halloween. The best thing about these decoration ideas is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money to apply them to your home.

Here are some ideas to decorate your home on Halloween. Let’s take a look at these crazy and scary ideas.

Boo Bottles

You can easily make these glass ghosts with the help of some bottles. The first thing you need to do is to remove the caps and the labels from these bottles. Then use white paint to change their appearance. Then use a black marker to draw some scary faces on these bottles. You can also put the colorful straws into these bottles to make a cute look.

Create woodland

You can also create woodland by using several elements. All you need to do is making it look scary and cute at the same time. You can use some glasses to put there and then you can place the skeletons and other scary creatures inside the glasses. Putting different kinds of grass and spiders under the glasses will also make it look crazy. Try to put some blood on the skeletons to bring some more realistic look.

You can also start the preparation a few days so that the grass may dry up. Dried up grass makes a scarier look as compared to the fresh grass.

Pumpkin lamp

If you have good creative skills, you can create different pumpkin lamps and then put them in different parts of the home. Make sure you use the orange light in the lamps because the orange color has a great relationship with the Halloween.

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