How To Add Some Texas Style To Your New Home

I have long been into the interior designing and according to men new builds are quite uniform and therefore creating a kind of individuality is very important. Rooms in a house look appealing only when they appear to have evolved with time and have a touch of personality. A room or a house with everything in the same period and style becomes tiresome and dull. Here the key is mixing and matching a little.  You can always add that Texas style to your new home by using antique or vintage furniture for adding some character and history to the house and mixing with some modern pieces as well. On top of that, custom doors, locks, and even door knobs can add extra style to your home according to my friend over at DML – The Best Locksmiths – Plano, Tx.

When looking at the lighting of your new house, I suggest steering clear of several high street provisions. You remember I suppose that we are trying to put in some individuality in our project. Splash out on using lights that look stunning and beautiful in your new home. I like going for LED lights in different designs, shapes, and sizes for getting a very special and an entirely different look in the house. Alternatively, if you are on a tight budget, go for vintage items scouring junk shops along with several online stores until you are successful in getting hold of something that you love and will match the feel and the look of your new home. I once came across an excellent glass lamp in a pick on an online store and had it rewired with a cable in bright pink color. I also embellished it a little using patterned silk cloth for the shade. It is one of the preferred pieces of décor in my new home.

If you are interested in creating a period property feel in your new house, then it would be best for you to use certain architectural features. Skirting boards, architraves, and cornicing are some minuscule things that you must pay close attention to. Simultaneously, you should be very careful about going overboard. This is because anything too elaborate or too grand can stick out in the form of a sore thumb. The doorways in the period homes are wider in comparison to the slim and trim doors found in the modern homes. Hence, if you are okay with opening up the doorways and widening them a little, it will help in adding some Texas style to your new home. If period style sounds too dramatic to you, you can choose to replace the doors with simple modern ones. You can either buy new doors available in traditional styles or get doors at the salvage yards. One thing that you must do is get them painted in lovely colors.

New homes are fitted with hardware items that are reasonably economical. I did not make this mistake when choosing hardware fitting for my new home. I ditched the cheap and tasteless fittings for something more polished and refined. These are minuscule details that can help in making a big difference.